Aquacise, Aquatone, Aqua-e-robics, Hydro-fit & VA Swim Hour, Aqua-Core, Aqua-Strength


In the Swimming Pool...

Aquacise (AQUA)

Aquacise is an aerobic class in the water. It includes 30-40 minutes of cardiovascular training with conditioning and stretching. Work at your own pace using the bottom of the pool for movement forward and back, as well as jogging and jumping for added intensity.

Hydro-Fit (HYDRO)

Hydro-fit is a deep-water workout which uses flotation devices to aid in extra resistance and added buoyancy. This class is designed for all levels of fitness, however it does require additional balance and coordination.


Designed basically for the beginner. Your intensity level can be as low or high as your fitness level dictates. It is a great class for the person recovering from surgery or injury, obesity, or anyone who has not exercised for many years.


Aqua-e-robics will include cardiovascular training along with conditioning using flotation devices and resistance. This class can be catered to any fitness level to work at your own pace using the bottom of the pool fo rmovement forwards and back, as well as jogging and jumping for added intensity.


We also have Walleyball, Racquetball, Adult Water Volleyball, and Court Soccer. See the front desk for more information about these activities.

VA Swim

B.A.A.C is pleased to announce effective September 2015 we are now offering free VA swim. This a free one hour exclusive private swim spot for our local veterans of our community.

Come join us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 3pm!

Each veteran may occupy the pool for this time for a maximum of 2 sessions per week out the 3 listed available. In order to qualify for this open/aerobic/ lap swim from 2pm to 3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You are required to provide 1 of the following upon your first visit:

1. VA Medical Card

2. DD214 Document

3. Wallet Size DD214

Veterans may choose to do open swim, lap swim, or an aerobics class in the pool with one of our instructors durin VA swim! The pool will be divided accodingly for these activities. You may contact us at 541-888-5507 for any questions you may have.